• We are excited to announce that our latest project is coming to cinemas soon. "Die Heinzels - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen" / "The elfinks - Baking a difference"

  • Check out the latest episode of 'Talking Tom and Friends' season 2!

  • Check out our latest animation showreel!

  • Check out our latest VFX showreel!

  • My Talking Angela - Official Trailer for Outfit7. Click here to see the video and more details about the production.

  • Watch the Staatspreis 2014 and Bronze Venus winning spot from Debra Austria! arx anima was responsible for the porcelain dress. 

  • Check out „The World Is Rondo“ Commercial for MedEL.


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“WirtschaftsOskar” 2020 Nomination

We’ve reached the shortlist of the US-A-BIZ Awards and we couldn't be prouder of the team.

We are going into competition in the ‘Spectacular’ category.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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"Geschichten vom Franz" won production grant

Breaking news!

Everybody's favourite Austrian book, the "Geschichten vom Franz" won funding for animation pre-production from the #FilmFondsWien.  We can't wait to start working on it hand in hand with the #Geyrhalterfilm. Stay tuned!

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Premier of "Der kleine Rabe Socke 3"

As the biggest fan of traditional animation, we are super proud to be part of this fantastic production.

We were a part of the animation, cleanup and ink&paint team.

We are delighted to announce the premiere in Vienna.

Enjoy the afternoon with us!

DER KLEINE RABE SOCKE Charité Premiere mit McDonalds Kinderhilfe und Hello Familiii

Fassung: deutsche Fassung, 2D

Termin: Sonntag, den 08.12. 2019

Fotobox, Glücksrad, Donut Buffet ab 13: 15 Uhr

Filmstart:14:00 Uhr

Filmlänge: ca.73 Minuten

Kino: Cplxx Wienerberg

Saal 4 (331 Sitzplätze)


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arx anima in the Austrian newspaper

Our CEO, Kris Staber, lately had an interview with the national newspaper "Kurier". Read the offline article here (German)

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Talking Tom and Friends | Look Reel

Check out our latest Look Reel for "Talking Tom and Friends" the animated series produced by arx anima, showing the quality and complexity of the best shots from season 1 and season 2. Thanks to our amazing team !!

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App short teaser for "My Talking Angela"

We produced a trailer for the "My Talking Angela" - App "My Talking Angela" for »Outfit7

Check out more about this project here.

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Butterfly Children Spot wins Staatspreis and Bronze Venus

Our "Butterfly Children Dress" charity spot won the Staatspreis 2014 and the bronze Venus at the CCA award!

We are stoked - Congratulations to everyone involved!

»PPM Filmproductions »Lowe GGk Freunde »Debra Austria - Schmetterlingskinder
watch the winning spot here: "Schmetterlingskinder - TVSpot"

Check out the video behind the scenes "Schmetterlingskinder - TVSpot Making Of"

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Disney's "You Get Me" has 320 million views on youtube!!

Wow! Three hundred and twenty million views! To put this into perspective: the fantastic Red Bull Stratos project has 41 million views on youtube. We are absolutely stoked about how well our video is doing out there! Thank you to everyone involved!! We have been hired by Walt Disney and Outfit 7 to produce everything from initial script to final animation and render. In only 2 months we created this from scratch. 

Rights: »Walt Disney »Outfit7 

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"Talking Ginger" is having a birthday bash

We proudly present »"Ginger's Birthday" - a little teaser trailer for »Outfit7

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VFX documentary "Planet You" is on air

We rigged countless creatures and animated them in various VFX shots in this documentary. Now we know whats happening all over our body. Fascinating! . Production »industrial motion art

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Jagged Alliance Online goes live

The famous Jagged Alliance games series has a beautiful browser version now! arx anima created all the ingame character animation for this baby! »sign up for the beta! Art Director: Christoph Stanits. Production »cliffhanger productions

Watch the making of - Jagged Alliance Online Animation

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Shortfilm "Much better now" is doing the festival circus

Official selection at: ECU Paris 2012, Taafi, RIFF Awards, Surf at Lisbon, Mo & Friese, Athens Film Festival, we are proud to have been responsible for the character rig and animating some of the shots on this beauty. Directors Philip Comarella, Simon Griesser. Production »Salon Alpin

Shortfilm "Much better now"

"Chronos" wins Best Production @Shortynale

Official selection at »Interfilm Berlin, »Vienna International Shorts, shnit festival  - we are proud to have been responsible for the the visual effects shots on Chronos. Director Sebastian Mayr. Production »Film academy Vienna.

Shortfilm "Chronos"

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"Vampires of Vienna" wins Grand Prix du Jury @Dimension3 festival

We were fortunate to be responsible for all the 3D animation on Vampires of Vienna, austrias first stereoskopic film. Director »Ron Eichhorn. Production »Mican Film. Post Production »seven productions

Watch the 5D horror shortmovie "Vampires of Vienna"

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"E-Pigs" wins Vesna award @Slovenian Film Festival

E-pigs is also selected for many more short film festivals »bornshorts2010, »Riverfilmfestival4, »BFI London, »Seattle International Filmfestival, »Cleveland International Film Festival, »Nashville Filmfestival

Nenad and Kris animated those E-pigs. 3D Production by »Fried Pictures. Director »Petar Pasic

"E-pigs" shortfilm

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"Someone" shortfilm is featured on »stash, »digital art and »computer art magazine

We were fortunate to be responsible for character rigging and animating shots of this beautiful shortfilm by magali barbe & jean costantial.

"Someone" shortfilm